Why Website Matter?

Websites should be like a restaurants menu. Both need to updated technology and content wise or it's going to cost you. What dishes you have on your menu has a direct impact on how quickly items can be made. The main thing being speed matters. It matters when you take a customers order on the phone. It matters on how quickly your tables turn over. It matters on how long the kitchen takes to cook a dish. Restaurant owners are never told that a sites speed has a direct effect number of orders placed. Not enough thought is placed to ensure a website is designed with the users experience in mind. If you care how it takes the kitchen to plate a dish. You also need to care how quickly your website is running to welcome new customer orders.

Simplify Updating your Menu Prices:

A common problem faced by restaurants is having to keep their restaurants website prices updated with their ordering platform . When prices need to change, you have to have the menus re-printed, contact the web developer and contact the ordering platform you have decided to use. We design our sites with convenience in mind. When a restaurant updates our ordering platform with price changes, those are automatically reflected on the website on a given schedule. There is no web developer to call or pay, one less step in the process to keeping prices updated.

This is all done to create less headaches when customers find price descrepencies and expect you to give them the lower outdated price.

Video showing sales for Ribs USA with tracking in Google Analytics

You Know Your Restaurants Need Eye Balls!!

The question you should be asking yourself from where?
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