We believe in simplicity. Increasing restaurant sales isn't accomplished by piecemealing services. Who orders a hamburger and receives the items unassembled do you? of course not! You get a perfectly cooked burger presented for your enjoyment. Unlike many digital agencies we provide just one service. Our solution is the only one restaurants need to ensure their long term success online. Our single solution encompasses everything you could need.
Your restaurant's website should get you more customers

The website of a restaurant is the first thing potential customers see. Seems obvious right but heres why that's worth stating. It can be the difference between a customer ordering from you or not, so it's important to have one that loads quickly and looks good. People focus on the good part ignoring the loads quickly part. A website with a loading time of two seconds will increase conversions by up to 80%. This is exactly why big business like Amazon, Walmart and Target all pay attention to website load times. They understand that if their respective sites take long loading, it's affecting their bottom line. This matters to restaurants because customers now order food from your site just like customers order products from Amazon or Target.

There are countless ways to build a website. Many of those current solutions on the market do not put speed as a core focus. The result is a website that bleeds sales. Our focus for any client site is to convert what is already there into something much faster. Secondary goals are to improve layout and appearance. Long term success for getting more sales all starts with the right website. Let us help you convert your site into a money generating machine for your restaurant. Remember no matter how delicious your food might be, it won't get eaten if people have a bad impression of your restaurant using an old outdated, slow website.

Provide a great ordering experience for customers

In today's economy, how customers order from a restaurant is a key part of the customer experience. It is important for any restaurant to have full control over their ordering process - not just because of its role in branding but also due to developing loyalty with customers. All major brands like Domino's control the ordering process because they are able to own their customer data. Restaurants who own their customer data like Domino's and Rubios Coastal Grill can mitigate marketing costs by owning their customer data. Regardless of how the economy performs they can comminicate with their customers at a faction of the cost. However, as more brands enter into this hospitality space, there will be increased competition on both fronts: capturing new customers while keeping current ones loyal. This means that restaurants must stay ahead through creativity to maintain an edge over other restaurants who may have different priorities or preferences when it comes to managing online orders.

Our setup allow you to maintain 100% control of your customers, their data and the funds associated with the orders your site generates.

Get your restaurant found in search, Maps and more on mobile or desktop

Google My Business (GMB) is a free service for businesses to manage their online local presence. GMB gives users the ability to review and rate your restaurant, post photos of your menu items, add events and announcements, or just upload a video about what makes you unique. GMB also offers rich analytics insights so you can understand how customers are finding you on Google search and map results. It provides zip code on where visitors are more densely located. It gives you the number of people that see your restaurant profile per month.

Many restaurant owners ignore the importance of owning and managing this free service. Often times, another third party provides claim the listing to put a link to their website and ordering platform. This is simply claims your listing and then charges commissions for orders that come from your restaurant profile on GMB. it's important that if you don't have an account yet, take the time to create one today!

We help with this process and help keep an eye on it for you. This listing along with our setup is responsible for $25,000 in orders a year... it's free traffic and commission free orders, for simply owning and controlling the listing.

Direct mail is great to reach potential customers in your area

Nearly everything we do in our lives is done through a screen. We are constantly plugged into some type of device. While this may be convenient, it has also caused us to lose touch with one of the most important aspects of life: human interaction. This has never been truer after the COVID lockdowns. There is something about being face-to-face with another person that we cannot replicate digitally. This is why restaurants need hybrid marketing campaigns that merge both print and digital mediums.

Some argue print is dead and digital is the way to go. The challenge with that school of thought is that not all customers are tech savvy. Meeting people where they are matters more so now than ever before. Reaching local customers online, through print and giving them options for orders matters a lot. This is exactly why we incorporate print media for every restaurant to ensure we reach customers across various generations and tech comfort levels... giving the range of customers ways to get in touch and come in for a memorable meal.

Restaurants who send emails get more sales

Almost every business can benefit from using email marketing. Restaurants are no exception. In 2020, the restaurant industry lost a total of 240 Billion in sales. Every $1 spent on Email Marketing generally returns an average of $42. The majority of restaurants don't leverage email, this presents an opportunity for many. Recovering some of those sales is going to require a multi-pronged approach. Email can certainly be a component of that process. The key things needed for email are the right setup to make sure emails land in the inbox and the right content. The setup is something we do extremely well. The content is a collaborative process we work with clients to evolve. Emails allow restaurants to communicate with their customers on a more personal level, driving repeat sales and increasing customer loyalty. When used correctly, email can help restaurants stand out from the competition by providing valuable information about new dishes, events, and time-sensitive announcements. When we implement our system with clients, every order automatically get placed in a system allowing the restaurant to use that info for email marketing. This all comes with our setup and system at no additional cost or upsell. Allow us to help your restaurant use email to increase orders.

Great Support Makes Everything Easier

We are here to support restaurant owners. We aren't simply service providers. We are also small business owners and know the struggles that come with the title. We are here to be an extensive resource for the majority of things technical. We pride ourselves on having some client relationships for over 18 years. We understand web technologies and everything surrounding them. We are here to help restaurant owners utilize web technologies to help them accomplish their goals.

When we accept a new client, it's the beginning of a partnership without the paperwork or hassle that can come with such business arrangements. Let us help you improve your gross sales and make your journey to success just a little easier.

Maximize your business potential with performant websites built with the latest, innovative technologies.

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