Why Ordering?

There are so many options when it comes to offering customers online ordering. Majority if them are a lot like some restaurant owners who will buy already made potato salad and docter it a bit and call it there own. Those who take pride in their finished products will make every single ingredient from scratch because they know that in the long run it benefits there bottom line and their customers experience.

It's time for restaurant owners to stop taking the doctered approach to online ordering. Restaurant owners should take pride in the online ordering process just like those who make all their dishes from scratch.

There is one reason why the way you chose to implement online ordering matters. When you have customers come to your website and then have them click a link to place an online order that is somewhere else other than your website, it's hurting your local visibility online. Google rewards websites where visitors come and stay for extended periods of tim.

You Know Your Restaurants Need Eye Balls!!

The question you should be asking yourself from where?
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