Eye Balls
What is eye balls?

As a restaurant owner your time should be spent on the revenue generating activities. Some people will claim that you should spend your time posting on Instagram or say Facebook is where you get attention. The truth is that for your specific restaurant it depends. The demographic of your typical customer will influence where to find your ideal customer. The only true way to know what platform will deliver paying customers is to track it. If you track your website traffic correctly you can focus on the platforms that actually drive sales. Let me explain....

The unfocused way of getting attention:

Most restaurant owners pay someone to create a website for them. They setup or contract online ordering. They posting or paying someone to post on Facebook and Instagram. They have no idea if any of their efforts are leading to sales. They stay the course because they think it's working. They are afraid if they stop, sales will stop.

The focused way of getting attention:

You pay someone to setup an optimized website. You bring online ordering in-house without breaking the bank on expensive development. You pay someone to setup free software to track all your website traffic. You setup special links to use on Facebook, Instagram and Yelp. You setup automatic reports and schedule time to review them. You double down on the platforms that bring sales. You stop focusing on the ones you thought were bringing you sales.

Video showing sales for Ribs USA with tracking in Google Analytics

You Know Your Restaurants Need Eye Balls!!

The question you should be asking yourself from where?
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