Why Data?

You've heard the old adage that says you can't manage what you don't mesure. Given the challenges that existed pre and with the arrival of COVID, managedment in hospitality has never been more critical. Management of your website traffic and conversion of that traffic into orders is critical to success. When COVID spread across the globe, one thing remaind constant... online ordering. Regardless of how you decided to proceed given all the state, county and state regulations - managing your online ordering is a must to survive.

When you contact out your online ordering to a third party company, you lose access to a lot of valuable data. Third party company's don't provide you information like, average check for picking vs delivery, top performing menu categories, new vs returning customers percentage and where you can improve your sales.

Our solution does - have a look at these reports and video walk through.

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You Know Your Restaurants Need Eye Balls!!

The question you should be asking yourself from where?
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