Why Advertising?

The approach that majority of people take to advertising is wrong. So much is overlooked long before money is ever spent. Advertising is often treated like an art versus a science. As the saying goes "the devil is in the details" the overlooked details to your restaurants website can make or break your advertising efforts. We are here to tell you with the right setup, Advertising can be predictable.

The Roulette Approach:

As an operator in the hospitality industry, you aren't afraid of risks. You shouldn't be either. There is a lot of risky aspects to the Hospitality Industry. Too often operators treat advertising like a game of Roulette. They punch their credit card into Facebook or Google, press enter and hope for the best. They may see an uptick in sales and think maybe the advertising is working. They likely stay the course in hopes that sales keep coming in. Every time the credit card statement arrives, they wonder if their advertising is working.

The Mise en Place Approach:

As an operator you always balance your check book. You track all the sales of your menu items and categories. You cut the losers and focus on the money makers. You are diligent about cutting wasteful expenses. You know that numbers never lie. When you hear that you should be advertising on Facebook or Instagram - you test the waters before committing. You like to take a measured approach to all things. You call you web developer. You ask him to setup a way to track your online advertising. You decide on a budget and launch a campaign. You cut the channels that aren't performing. You double down on the ones that are generating the lions share of your sales.

Fuel On The Fire

Advertising can be predictable when you correctly set up for it. When you have the right eyeballs viewing your site, an optimized website, an ordering process you control, and data to have all the components needed to have a campfire. Advertising can turn your campfire into a forrest fire. We believe advertising is an accelerant. The size of your budget doesn't matter when you have the right tools for manage takeout and delivery orders online.

You Know Your Restaurants Need Eye Balls!!

The question you should be asking yourself from where?
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